Marsha Busse and her husband Adam have over fifty years of combined experience in design, fabrication, and finishing. They formed Sterling Rand in 2013 after selling their very successful company, Classic Equine Equipment. Started in 1991 as a very specialized fabricator of high-end horse stabling equipment, classic quickly became one of the top suppliers of high-end stabling equipment within the International Equestrian Community; a brand well known for their high-quality innovations and dedication to getting it done right.

Why Are We In Business?

Sterling Rand’s strategy for success is through producing the highest quality production in the market. This is through the utilization of quality parts both over-the-counter as well as made-in-house. The major implementation tools to be used to accomplish our goals are great marketing and a knowledgeable professional sales force. Our tag line, “Deliver Better Products and Services Than Our Customer Would Expect,” is accomplished by making your customer number one.

As a manufacturer, we stand above others by having a very hands-on-time with each product during production. Sterling Rand maintains a very precise standard for tolerances, fit, and finish or as we look at it, “micros make a difference.” Timeliness is another important part of Sterling Rand’s mission. We have established that once the product has been ordered, we strive to deliver it to the customer in 60 days. This is due having a very well stocked inventory and having full control of the production and delivery stages of the product.

“To be the most trusted business partner in our industry; relationships mean everything.”


Sterling Rand consistently invests in new equipment, software, and technology to increase efficiency and better serve our customers. From inspection equipment, to new machines with the latest technological features, to shop software systems, and engineering software, we strive to continuously improve our quality and efficiency.

Quality Control…

We utilize ISO9000 guidelines to document every step of the process from order taking, part production, quality inspection procedures, to shipping. We have the latest CMM and professionally calibrate all of our machines and our measurement tools annually to ensure total process control.